Family Welfare and Advancement Program (FWAP)


To address family-related gender issues of PA personnel affecting their motivation, psycho-social, and physical well-being to be able to effectively perform their mission/mandate.

Areas and Services

  • Family Values Enhancement

Promoting Compliance Management
  Observe codes of conduct
  Ensure quality of performance and safety
  Ensure transparency of activities
  Report breach of laws and legal cases (GBVRS)
  Respect human rights
Mutual growth
  Develop human resources (acquire and retain talented individuals)
  Promote work-life balance
Enhancement of communications
  Identify, respond to and disclose issues
  Improve customer satisfaction
  Respond to complaints
Promoting Environmental Management
  Address climate change
  Manage chemical substances
  Manage waste
  Preserve biodiversity
  • Family Budgeting and Money Management

  • Family Readiness and Resiliency

-Pre-spouse orientations
-Family security orientation
-Family debriefing or reintegration program
-Family counselling and marriage enhancement
-Values formation services -Family budgeting & money management
-Trauma management services (for KIA/WIA)
  • Health

-Mobilization and integration of Phil Health accredited hospitals
-Customized partnership with hospitals nationwide (public & private)
-Customized pharmacy rebates & assistance
-Streamlining of health history of Military families
-Corporate package rate for HMO as added incentive
  • Housing

-Corporate discount rates on housing and land developer-partners