National Action Plan on
Women, Peace and Security (NAPWPS)

National Action Plan For Women, Peace and Security (NAPWPS) is the articulation of our country's commitment to international resolutions and national mandates on women, peace and security addressing sexual and gender-based violence in the context of conflict and promoting women's participation in peace building.

 The national action plan on WPS espouses four pillars:

 Protection and prevention

Ensures protection of women's human rights and prevention of violation of these rights in armed conflict and post-conflict situations through enactment and implementation of gender-responsive and conflict sensitive policies, programs and services.

 Empowerment and participation

Involves empowerment of women and ensuring their active and meaningful participation in areas of peacekeeping, peacemaking, peace building, conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction.

 Promotion and mainstreaming

Promotes and mainstream gender perspective in all aspect of conflict prevention, conflict resolution, and peace building.

 Monitoring and Evaluation

Involves institutionalization of a system to monitor, evaluate and report the implementation of national action plan to enhance accontability for the achievement of goals. All in all, NAPWPS to guarantees women protection in conflict and post-conflict situations; addresses sexual and gender-based violence in context of conflict; and, promotes women's participation in peace-building and security processes.

Action Point 1: Woman and girls, including indigenous and Moro women in conflict-affected areas, in evacuation/internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, and those temporarily staying with relatives and friends, are protected from all forms of violence like sexual harassment, rape and the like in armed conflict and post-conflict situations.

Action Point 2: Women and girls, including indigenous and Moro women, have access to justice for crimes and violence arising from armed conflict .

Action Point 4: Former women/girl-rebels benefitting from gender sensitive Demobilization Disarmament and Rehabilitation (DDR) programs.

Action Point 8: Develop and/or enhance gender-sensitive policies and programs for women in the security sector.